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37 years ago I was in Stop and Shop with my two year old daughter, Jessie who was sitting in the shopping cart. As I pulled up to check out there was another mom pulling up at the same time with her two year old son, Scotty sitting  in her shopping cart as well.  We both looked at eachother and said "two year old?" It can be lonely for us mom's raising our first born so meeting someone in the same position was wonderful!  We became fast friends!  We got together often so our kids could play and eventually became a part of a "Mom's Group" where our kids could hang out with other children and have fun.  We did all sorts of things with our kids, including bringing them to The Bushnell to see a childs play and Kip drove and all I remember is she and I laughing over something most of the way! She had a great laugh!

Over the years we did not see eachother as often but kept in touch.  Kip loved to have fun and to laugh and was always so full of life. She was always a truly devoted mother who adored her children!

Kip, you have been taken from this earth way too young which makes no sense to me at all.  You will be sincerely missed by so many!

All we can do is to send our deepest and most heart felt sympathies to Scott and Irene, Ashley and William, Brett and Kari Ann and such sincere sympathy to her grandson, Theodore and to all family and friends. 

With love and affection -

Cindi and Mike DeMeo


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Condolence From Bruce&Dody Cagenello Condolences Fri, 11 Aug 2017 14:58:57 EDT Story shared: Little fun tid bits about my Sister... When we were very young we each had a problem with certain sounds. Kip's was with "s & h's". When people would ask her what her name was, her reply most generally was "I'm Katti & this is my Titter". We did most everything together while growing up, but for a period of time there was nothing she would let me do without her! If I did something & she wasn't included she'd say "Me too Titter, me too". We started calling her "Little me too" during that time period! Little me too, I enjoyed your wanting to do things with me & always proud to be your Big Sister.

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