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Story shared: "Auntie Bobs" Our Aunty Bobs was our favorite.... She was always ready to share a Laugh!  I always prodded her for stories from her growing up during the Depression...  To us cousins (and, later, our spouses), Barbara signified what real "Class" was all about. Whatever "life" might throw at her... she just made the best, plowed ahead.. .and provided a model for us "youngsters" to emulate. Strength. Humor! Kindness.  When I had a conversation with her before this last Christmas, we shared some laughs about the crazy "Kluge Clan" she found herself amongst.  I was saying how I always admired how she didn't necessaily suffer fools.  Auntie Bob's replied, in a sort of aside to herself ,... "and boy didn't I know a lot of them.." Ha!!   Our Uncle Wilbur was, of cuorse, very funny as well.  Whenever we got together with our cousins.. Steve, Mark and Laurie, we knew all kinds of fun mischief were to be had.


We love you, Auntie Bobs!  xxxxxx Chris, Monica & Carla& family....


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